What is the Urban Slide?

Plain and simple, The Urban Slide is the worlds best Slip N’ Slide! Equipped with the latest vinyl, technology in recirculating water, built for steady sliding and extraordinary family fun! At a 1,000ft long The Urban Slide contends as one of the world’s longest and biggest Slip N’ Slides! To top it off our Urban Slide is hand made here in the good ole’ USA, Merica’. We built this slide, so all you Slip N’ Slide enthusiast can Slide the Urban way, smack dab in the middle of the city!

How Does it Work?

The slide will be open from 10:00pm – 6:30pm on Saturday and 10:00am – 5:00 pm on Sunday. If an Urban Slide event includes a night slide, it is usually open Saturday night from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

All sliders must be at least 44 inches tall and must use a tube or other inflatable to Slide The Urban Way. Sliders can bring their own tube/inflatable or purchase an Urban Slide tube for $5.

Upon arrival, you will check-in at the top of the slide where you will receive your colored wristband – the passport to the Urban Slide!
You will have four different options as a slider: The Single Slider, The Triple Slider, the All-Day Unlimited Slider, and the All Night Unlimited Slider.

  • The Single Slide wristband limits yourself to enjoy the slide of your life only once during the day.
  • The Triple Slide wristband allows you to experience the slide of your life three times throughout the day.
  • The All-Day Unlimited Slide pass is for our bravest sliders who will get the chance to ride our slide as many times as they like throughout the daytime running hours.
  • The All-Night Unlimited Slide pass is for those who choose to party after the sun goes down – Sliders with this wristband get unlimited access to our unique night slide which is lit with lasers, LEDs, and spotlights.

Everyone will slide in between the time slots they select when they register. Come early to not miss out on the fun!


The Urban Slide is powered by Kodiak Events, who handles staffing, logistics, and event booking.


Photos are available here!