Welcome to the Urban Slide’s Volunteer Page!

You are about to become part of a movement that is flooding the nation! The Urban Slide is a 1000ft water slide that goes through your city and brings nostalgic fun and excitement to your part of the concrete jungle. As volunteers you will be assisting everyone at our event in having the time of their lives! This is not a small responsibility so we want you to come out ready to have a blast!

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There are many ways you will be able to help our participants have a great time, each are as important as the next.

1. Registration – Help our slider’s get checked in: You will use our check in system to log our participants coming into the event and get them set up to enjoy the fun day that is ahead of them.

2. Bag Check – You will be tagging, checking, and securing people’s bags at the bag check tent next to the check-in area as they prepare to slide.

3. Slide Facilitators – Our slide is 1000 ft. long and gravity can only do so much. It is up to you to keep the slide wet and “facilitate” our participants’ journey down the slide to keep them flying! If you like to be in the middle of the action, this is the job for you.

4. Start Line – We will assign some volunteers to help mark sliders’ wristbands and release sliders at the start of the slide in order to carefully and safely control slider traffic. Be prepared: This job becomes very hectic very fast so we need you to be calm, assertive, and on top of your game in order to fulfill this position!

5. Crowd Pleasers – It can get pretty hot outside for those waiting in line, so we may send out some volunteers to splash them with water and keep them cooled off and entertained!

Please note that you will be given a free tube and a triple slide wristband at the end of your shift as a reward for your hard effort.


When signing up as a volunteer, you can select from one of several shift times typically available*:

Setup – 5PM to 10 PM (To select this time, select the volunteer option for Saturday)

Event Day: 9AM to 6 PM
Night Slide (if available): 7 PM to 10 PM

Event Day: 8AM to 5 PM
Breakdown: 5 PM to 10 PM

*Please note that the volunteering time slots are subject to change.