To help maximize your sliding distance down the slide, it is recommended you run to gain momentum and then jump with the inflatable tube just on your tummy as you land on the slide.

If you stop in the middle of the slide, perform the same technique mentioned above and keep sliding forward! Be careful and gradually run, as the slide floor is slippery when wet.

DO NOT STOP once you reach the end of the slip-resistant mat runway. This will essentially terminate all the momentum you built up while running to slide and none of that momentum is being used to slide.

DO NOT LAND on the slip-resistant mats, as these mats are meant for traction as you run to jump and slide, rather than slipperiness for sliding. Landing on the slip-resistant mats can result in potential injury.

DO NOT STOP if running or walking on the slippery slide surface. Another common cause of injuries at The Urban Slide is sliders suddenly stopping after walking on the slide surface. This causes them to land backwards and fall on their head or pelvis. Even though the slide is supported with 1″-thick industrial-grade foam padding, you must always use caution when approaching the slide entrance and walking along the slide.


The key to sliding far in any situation is to minimize resistance.

Your inflatable is the slipperiest part of your entire slide “vehicle”, while your body, shoes, and clothing will only slow you down. Make sure that only the inflatable is touching the slide by keeping your head, hands, and legs off the slide floor as you slide.

Any part of your body that that makes contact with any part of the slide will slow you down.

Sitting with your bottom on the tube like this will almost certainly slow you down, as your bottom typically makes contact with the slide like a brake.

Another posture to avoid is having your body go through the tube during sliding. Your torso and legs will continuously drag down the slide if you do this.


To help reduce friction and prevent potential injuries, we do not allow tennis shoes on our slide. Pool shoes and sandals, however, are permitted; just be sure to keep your feet up and not drag them while going down the slide, as this will slow you down.
If you want to slide fast and far, we still recommend leaving any footwear off during sliding. You can place your shoes at the top of the slide, hold them with your hands or inside a drawstring bag, leave them in your car, or store them at our free bag check area inside your own bag. We are not responsible for any lost items.


Be sure your inflatable tube is fully inflated before sliding! The stiffer your inflatable is, the less surface area makes contact with the slide, and the longer you will slide.

Avoid using oversized inflatables like this one, as these generally do not slide well due to their large surface area. Inner tubes and sled-shaped inflatables work best.

Remember: A safe and knowledgeable slider is a happy slider.

Now get out there and have some fun!